TWB_ transforms how you handle content

The world leader in technology content

TWB_ transforms how Fortune 500 technology majors and startups create, automate, repurpose, reuse and publish content.

TWB_ delivers unprecedented efficiency, improves content quality, achieves faster go-to-market and crashes costs for Marketing + Learning + Product Content for enterprise customers. The world’s most successful Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Aerospace & Defense companies use TWB_ developed content for their marketing, sales & training needs.

TWB_ can increase your marketing & sales efficiency up by 10-20% while saving upto 80% costs in creating content across the enterprise.

Jeffery Morgan

The Content Pioneer

TWB_ has been the pioneer since 2006 in creating a worldwide offshore model, content automation & creating content IP.
Content Expertise!

Scale and Domains

TWB_ has delivered more than 1 millions hours of marketing, sales, support, engineering and learning content to worldwide customers from TWB_ locations in India, Israel and the United States.

Drive Efficiency Across Departments

The Marketing + Learning + Product Content can not only be world class and on-time, all the time, it can be unified to deliver tremendous efficiencies


Content Automation

TWB_ was the 1st India based provider of Automating Content in 2010 with the release of the TWB_ COE Content Automation Platform that allowed integration of different ECMs to give enterprise customers a unified development, workflow and publishing environment.

Authoring Framework

The TWB_ GRAPE Content Authoring Framework™ has delivered more than 1 million hours of content development to worldwide customers and has more than 20,000 Certified professionals as of today, making it arguably the largest such framework in deployment.