TWB_ is the Strategic + Creative + Technology Agency for Technology Brands


TWB_ is the home of Business + Learning + Product content for Fortune 500 technology leaders and start-ups alike. TWB_ creates, automates, repurposes and publishes content achieving unprecedented efficiencies, enhancing content quality, achieving faster go-to-market and lowering costs. TWB_ is the worldwide pioneer of offshore development of technology content (since 2006), was the first India-based company to roll out & implement enterprise-grade Content Automation solution (2010) and the first India-based company to roll out & implement IETM IV/V solutions for Defense and Aerospace (2013).

TWB_ operates across Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Aerospace & Defense. TWB_ delivers to over forty Fortune 500 technology majors including AXA, ABB, Cisco, Fidelity, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Israel Aircraft, Microsoft, Oracle, Société Générale, Samsung Shipping, Siemens, Toyota etc located across the Silicon Valley, the US East Coast, France, Luxembourg, Germany, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.


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