TWB_ is the Strategic + Creative + Technology Agency for Technology Brands I

There’s a reason why worldwide leaders including ABB, AXA, Cisco, Fidelity, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Israel Aircraft, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle, Société Générale, Samsung Shipping, Siemens, Toyota find TWB_ the most effective way of creating and publishing content. And they are only a handful of the world’s most successful Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Aerospace & Defense companies that use TWB_ developed content for their marketing, sales & training needs.

TWB_ creates content that explains the use of innovation is the last mile for the millions or even billions of dollars of investments spent in creating and marketing it.

Enterprise customers and consumers touch content before touching the product. They access to content before they buy, to access content to learn to use a product and they access content to get assistance. It is this business, product, learning and support content that drives their experience. Content influences decision making, the perception of quality, and rate of adoption of innovation. The largest enterprises know that. But they also create content in silos.

“TWB_’s content development and automation have shown increase of marketing & sales efficiency upto 10-20% while saving up to 80% costs in creating content across the enterprise”

The Marketing, Product Engineering, Learning and other departments all create content virtually from scratch. Not only is the effort in understanding technology duplicated at each stage, it impedes the speed with which the organization can address the market. Besides all content is specialized. The flavor of content that induces a buying decision is not the same as the content that makes the user learn about product use, but they are connected. TWB_ understands how content is produced in an enterprise and consumed by internal and external customers. TWB_ understands how this content flows.

That’s how TWB_ transforms how Fortune 500 technology majors create, automate, repurpose, reuse and publish content. TWB_ delivers unprecedented efficiency, improves content quality, achieves faster go-to-market and crashes costs for Marketing + Learning + Product Content for enterprise customers.

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