The best Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurers, and Investment Banks rely not only on the best customer experience,  they rely on the right content to deliver the best information for users to make the right decisions. For customers, these are investment decisions on complex financial products. For the employees, these are adherence to policies. For software & application vendors it means their products stand out, and their use easily learned.

When the Europe’s largest banking corporation wants to differentiate their products they turn to TWB_. When one of Europe’s leading bank buys and integrates a leading US Investment Bank and they require thousands of processes of both to be mapped, then merged into new processes for the unified entity they turn to TWB_. The largest banking software vendor in the world, and in the one in India, uses TWB_ stand out. When the world’s largest privately held brokerage, private investing and benefits sourcing company wants to train thousands of employees on policies, products, and processes they turn to TWB_.

This is what TWB_ helps achieve. TWB_’s content helps our customers differentiate their products and companies (TWB_ Marketing Content) through Product Datasheets, Brochures & Flyers, White Papers, Case Studies, CxO speak; TWB_ makes the transition to new technology easier (TWB_ Product & Process Content) through Product Documentation, User Guides, Process Documentation and; TWB_ cuts the time in training employees (TWB_ Learning Content) using Presentations, Video/ Interactive Training development, Gamified learning and integration with legacy and future ready Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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