TWB_ is India’s leading TechPubs supplier for Air, Land and Sea based civilian and military platforms and has delivered for civilian aircraft vendors based in Europe, Brazil, United States and Canada as well as for Airforce & Naval suppliers based in India and Isreal. In 2015 TWB_ became the first India-based supplier of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) Class V standards. TWB_ was also the first S1000D based IETM Class IV compliant technical publications (Tech Pubs) in India in 2009-10.

Continuous innovation since TWB_’s inception has included,

Since 2007 TWB_ has made significant and large-scale deliveries to Indian and overseas defence contractors and civil aviation suppliers based on S1000D, ATA, ASD-STE100 and IETM standards. TWB’s Tech Pubs services include Maintenance Manuals such as: Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Troubleshooting Manual (SM), Aircraft Schematic Manual (ASM), Structural Repair Manual (SRM), Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM), Component Maintenance Manual (CMM), Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM), Cabin Crew Operating Manual (CCOM); Material Catalogs and Lists including Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC), Illustrated Parts List (IPL); Technical Illustrations (2D and 3D) such as: Isometric Drawings, Exploded Drawings, Line Drawings, Sectional Views, Schematic Representations and Diagrams, Interactive 3D Illustrations.

Download TWB_’s Defence Reports

  • Achieving Defense Offsets in India and its addendum report: TWB Report 2012-2014
  • MSME Impact on Achieving Defense Offsets: TWB Report 2013-3015

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