whwhWith a US office in Houston, it is natural that TWB_ have a focus on Oil and Gas Industry. The Oil and Gas Industry’s unique legislative and safety requirements require highly specialised technical documentation and training material in order to efficiently operate and maintain its installations. TWB_’s team of technical documentation specialists, illustrators and production staff create documentation to meet the North Sea & American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. TWB_ produces Manuals, CBTs, IETMs, 2D & 3D drawings and write in STE as well as translate into multiple European languages & Korean & Japanese.

TWB_ produces Technical Manuals that comply with relevant national legislation & company guidelines. These include System Description, Equipment Location, Operating Principles and Procedures, System Parameters, System Monitoring & Safe Sharts. Operating Procedures which contain step-by-step instructions for operators to follow and are supported by system descriptions, equipment lists, valve lists, valve position tables, cause and effect charts, setpoint listings. Emergency Procedures Manuals which include recommissioning & production instructions to be followed in the event of specific foreseeable emergency situations. Training Packages for PDF distribution as well as Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETMs).  Maintenance Manuals containing preventive and corrective maintenance routines supported by maintenance schedules and spare parts listings.

TWB_ has a large footprint of customers including Averda & Amaco in the Middle East and Tatsuno, Tokhiem, Samsung Engineering in the Far East.

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