India has a very number of product engineering, software engineering, and process outsourcing providers – this includes captives, primarily US & European corporations that produce software here, as well as Indian corporations. Since these corporations provide product engineering, product support or process transformation as a service to parents or customers TWB_’s product documentation, process documentation, and support documentation are direct fits into this ecosystem.

The largest US, European product Indian captives and Indian service providers for Product Engineering partner with TWB_ for

  • Product Content to complement the products they engineer, &
  • Learning Content to allow for their internal and external customers to get to use these products quickly and effectively

The largest US captive, the largest European captive and the largest Indian vendor all partner TWB_!

The largest business process transformation corporations use TWB_’s Process Documentation & TWB_ Certifications as a service to transform and up-skill their workforces.

  • Process Documentation, for documenting process, transforming processes and achieve for higher adherence to quality &
  • TWB_ Certifications to transform and up-skill their workforces at very large scales if required.
Shift_ Process Outsourcing

As the process outsourcing business shifted from voice based technical support to higher value services based on more knowledge based support including research, analytics & developing digital assets TWB_ has participated in transforming teams of various corporations to meet this challenge. 1000+ Science Graduates of India’s largest vendor were moved from voice processes to writing research reports using a 6-month long training intervention based on TWB_ Blended Learning while continuing to be employed.

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