Life sciences, healthcare & pharmaceutical, and corporations need to create and manage content from different departments, business lines & divisions. A lot of this content is procedural and regulatory but a lot of it is also created to allow for enhancing innovation. Content allows for these organizations to maintaining commonality across the enterprise. TWB_ provides Product, Learning & Marketing content specific for each business unit’s unique needs. Of course, this also requires a deep understanding of domain but also of the purpose of the content with could be to create differentiation, providing consistency and reuse, or minimizing translation and publishing costs.

Shift_ markets

Indian generics leader starts operations in the US. In addition to regulatory content, it requires a very large amount of training content, localization, and management coaching to be able to absorb the requirements of the local US markets, regulations and management expectations. TWB_ provides a multi-year engagement to develop learning, marketing and communication coaching. The customer is today the leading Indian success story in the US Pharma Market and TWB_ continues to provide the interventions.

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