TWB_ has not only been a pioneer in technology content with the TWB_ GRAPE Authoring Framework™, the TWB_ COE Content Automation Platform™, the many path-breaking firsts in defense TechPubs, joint research and publications with VirginiaTech and University of Minnesota but also has India’s largest body of published work with 8 ISBN titles on in marketing + technology + learning content

“The Survey of the Technical Communication Landscape in India (2010-12)” 

The 1st survey of content being developed in India and was researched, authored & published by TWB_ and co-authored by the world’s leading content thinkers including Dr. JoAnn T Hackos (Ph. D., Founder President, Society of Technical Communications), Constance McCutcheon (one of the foremost researchers on structured content), Paul Trotter (Founder CEO, Author-it Software Corporation), Dr. Carlos Evia (Ph. D. Professor, Professional Writing, Virginia Tech) & Professor Sadagopan (Founder Director of IIIT-Bangalore)

  • The survey brought together for the first time the entire technology content ecosystem together, with analysis of emerging trends in technology content & of technology vendors which allowed CxOs and other key decision makers to help define content strategy.
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“Comprehensive Reference book on Technical Communication – by Helen Shukla”

(ISBN 978-81-92066-0-8, Author: Helen Shukla, Publisher: TWB_) India’s 1st Reference on technology content that gives a 360 view of content across the enterprise as Business + Technology + Learning Content and goes on to the actual use of techniques of creating individual pieces of content including the use of software applications and publishing.

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“Technical Writing for Intermediate & Advance Users – by Helen Shukla”

(ISBN 978-81-92066-2-2, Author: Helen Shukla, Publisher: TWB_). The book trains experienced technology content writers using TWB_ GRAPE Authoring Framework™. The text teaches concepts such as Audience Analysis, Information Design, Writing Product User Manuals, Understanding and following Documentation Standards, Instructional Design, Deep Editing & Structured Writing.

  • This is also used as an accompanying text for the TWB_ Associate Certification™ program (TWB Certifications are India’s largest professional content certifications)
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“Technical Writing for Beginners – by Helen Shukla”

(ISBN 978-81-92066-3-9, Author: Helen Shukla, Publisher: TWB_) trains technology communicators in Basics of Content, Using Structured Editors, the TWB_ GRAPE Authoring Framework™, Audience Analysis, Information Design, Writing User Manuals, understanding Documentation Development Lifecycle & understanding Documentation Standards. No prior experience is necessary.

  • This is also used as an accompanying text for the TWB_ Fundamental Certification™ program (TWB Certifications are India’s largest professional content certifications)
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Defense Reports

“Achieving Defense Offsets in India (2012) and its addendum report (2014) – by Rakesh Shukla”

(Author: Rakesh Shukla, Publisher: TWB_) This is a comprehensive report on the legal and operational for Defense Offsets in India. The report discusses in detail drivers of the Indian Aerospace and Defense industry,
on how to identify suitable Indian Offset partners, products & services eligible for discharge of offset obligations,
main agreements required to be fulfilled,  the roles of Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP) guidelines (2011), Defense offset facilitation agency (as described in DPP 2011), Offset proposals and their evaluation, Defense Acquisition Council (DAC), Defense procurement board (DPB) through final Offset Contracting.

  • Available for download (dated)

“MSME Impact on Achieving Defense Offsets: TWB Report 2013-2014 – by Rakesh Shukla”

(Author: Rakesh Shukla, Publisher: TWB_) This paper discussed how Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) improve and enhance the ability of Aerospace and Defense majors to achieve Defence offsets in India. Specifically in the area of Technical Publications to successfully participate in the Indian Aerospace & Defense Market

  • Available for download (dated)


Research Publications with US Universities

“Technical Authoring in the US, Germany and India: A relative study”

The study was a benchmarking project undertaken by Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU), TWB_ (Bangalore) and the University of Bonn. The study benchmarked the curriculum developed by TWB_ content and pedagogy of the TWB_ GRAPE Authoring Framework™ as used in the TWB Certification Programs™ against the curriculum, content and pedagogy of Minnesota State University and University of Bonn. TWB_ was the only Indian benchmark used in the International Study. The benchmarking also clearly established that TWB_’s proprietary content pedagogy gave the same level of rigor & exposure to content creation as the best universities anywhere in the world.

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“The Context of Content Outsourcing: Comparative Assessment of Cross-Cultural and Rhetorical Competence”

Virginia Tech and TWB_ conducted a multiyear research in technology content creation as an outsourced activity which was published as “The Context of Content Outsourcing: Comparative Assessment of Cross-Cultural and Rhetorical Competence”. The research project was headed by Dr Carlos Evia for VirginiaTech. The path-breaking project addressed the cultural and rhetorical dilemmas for future content writers in America as well as for offshore professionals in technical content writing located in India. The study aimed at identifying the creative and professional skills and strengths of American and Indian employees and students respectively and made an attempt to understand cultural stereotypes and negative perceptions regarding offshore workers and their competencies by evaluating actual samples of their work.

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