TWB_’s experience and expertise in creating world-class content for world leaders has given us a ring-side view of now only how to process it better but what are the most common problems that stem from writing for the wrong audience, not following the context etc. TWB_ put together this learning and experience in the form of a framework called GRAPE™ that stands for Grammatically correct, Readable, Accurate, Presentable, and Editable content.

GRAPE™ is not simply an acronym — it is a unique proprietary structured yet easy-to-comprehend framework to ensure accurate, dependable, and professional content that adapts to customers guidelines & industry standards and caters to a worldwide audience.

TWB_ GRAPE™ Content Authoring Framework™ is devised and owned by TWB_ and is a patented process and a registered trademark.

The TWB_ GRAPE Content Authoring Framework™  has been the key to TWB_’s success in catering to a wide industry base and demanding customers that use our content for worldwide audiences. On the one hand, more than 1 million hours of content effort has been delivered to TWB_ customers based on the  GRAPE™ Content Authoring™. On the other, TWB Certifications™ that teach corporate workforces using GRAPE™ Content Authoring Framework™ have more than 20,000 Certified professionals as of today, making TWB Certifications™ arguably the world’s largest technology content certifications.

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