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Racetrack is India’s 1st sales & support focused AI driven organization.

Racetrack fuels organizations’ sales efforts and power sales teams with genuinely intelligent tools to effectively organize and expand the business horizon. works on the AI technologies like NLP, ML & DL in an integrated/inter-disciplinary manner to create the products to be as close to the human mind and intellect.

With a passion to create a platform for businesses which can not only transform customer experience for higher customer acquisition and retention rates but also cuts down on expenses borne by businesses to achieve these goals’s Marvin & Turing aims at covering various Processes of Sales and Support driven by AI technologies.

Marvin– Is an AI Driven Communication BoT who acts like a Virtual intelligent sales agent who not only engages a website’s visitors intelligently but also make the conversations fruitful and more intellectual with every chat.

Turning: Is a product recommender to up sell and cross sell for businesses. It understands the customer needs and help organizations to get a bigger share of wallet of the consumer.

Their  current industry focuses are BFSI, Health Care, Education, E-commerce, Telecom, Travel & Tourism, Real Estate etc.


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