TWB_ has trained/ coached over 20,000 professionals ranging from executive management & middle management to those at the entry level. TWB_ Certifications are the largest communication training certifications in India today.

TWB_ transforms corporate teams by enhancing communication effectiveness for the external and internal customers. TWB_ delivers this on the back of 8 published ISBN titles, 80+ pre-made corporate training titles and 400,000 hrs of instructional design experience and on the methodology of the TWB_ GRAPE Content Authoring Framework™.

99% of over 450 batches of trainees have ranked TWB_ Certification trainings as either 5 or 4 on 5 in overall effectiveness and quality.

TWB_ training interventions range from handling crises communication at the executive management level to effective business communication at middle levels and include training on specific software authoring tools and methodologies for Structured writing, Scientific Report Writing and Research Reports.

TWB_ Certifications are unique in the industry because these are

  1. Pre-made trainings: All the training titles are pre-prepared with workbooks, references, demos & assignments. All material is original and copyrighted by TWB_
  2. Customised trainings: All training content and structure is finalised after extensive consultation with the customer. All training material including workbooks are then customised for this requirement
  3. Mass Personalization: All trainings have pre-training assignments that allow TWB_ to understand the level of proficiency of individual trainees.
  4. Measure of effectiveness: TWB_ conducts a post assessment that is also individually scored. This allows tracking the progress of individual trainees and the overall group.

TWB_ Blended Learning

TWB_ uses a unique approach called TWB_ Blended Learning, since 2008, which combines classroom training and coaching with the TWB_ Online training LMS. TWB_ Blended Learning is delivered through the high impact, high-intensity ILT training combined with the low-intensity sustainable intervention. This allows for thousands of trainees to be trained with the same effectiveness at the same time. In addition to TWB_ Certifications ILT training, TWB_ Blended learning brings some added advantages,

  1. High Scalability: Teams may not be co-located and may have a size ranging from 10 to 1000 members concurrently. All team members need to move up the learning curve in the same amount of time.
  2. Sustainable Interventions: Employee skills can’t be changed over a day, or two. Large scale transformation requires a time commitment ranging from 4-40 weeks and would not be possible in a without using the TWB_ Blended Learning approach.
  3. Standardisation: Very high quality standardised training is available to all employees spread across locations and time zones.
  4. Rich training environment: TWB_ LMS with real-time interaction through Audio-Video interaction, white-boards; Near real-time online student-trainer interaction, via forums, e-mail and instant messaging; Pre-prepared material: e-learning software, multimedia demos, e-textbooks. Browser based training delivery that includes Programmable business logic to create training batches, provide assignments, set time-schedules, collect and deliver feedback; Portfolio of customizable trainings to ensure that these are in-line with customer requirements

Companies adopting TWB_ Blended Learning are the ones enhancing the learning and development experience of their teams and in the process improving revenues, reducing costs and enhancing the quality of human capital. These offerings address the needs of most corporate learning and development programs, allowing pace and space for various delivery methods required by different sets of learners while arriving at the pre-decided learning objectives.

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