TWB_ is the Strategic + Creative + Technology Agency for Technology Brands I

TWB_ is the Agency for Technology Brands.

TWB_  makes your technology stand out. TWB_ is the agency for technology brands, and we do it better than any other agency for one simple reason – we are the only ones we know who understand Creative + Marketing + Technology. All of it.

Shift_ positioning & branding

TWB_ will help you position & brand. TWB_ will bring research, analytics and digital to the table. How does the macro landscape look like for your technology? How does your product stack up against completion? We research and make clear actionable plans. Then we get on with the branding and positioning. TWB_ is made of top flight technocrats, and marketers and the best creative talent. But not just for the largest technology brands, we’re the agency of agencies. If you saw JWT or Saatchi or Ogilvy service a top-flight tech customer, chances are they came to TWB_.

Shift_ thought leadership

TWB_  creates & projects their thought leadership the largest tech corporations.  100’s of  CxO articles for Fortune 500 companies, 1000’s of blog posts, 100’s of whitepapers and scores of Wiki pages are researched laid out and published by us. Mostly from 1 line briefs.

Shift_ publishing & communication

Why should a customer read through pages of text when you can communicate with through great infographics & visualisation. Why should they download a PDF when they can read a flip book or an ebook? Why make linear corporate style video’s when you can use animation & whiteboarding? Even better make branching outcomes in an actual shot video – like a movie with many endings? Or gamify, so customers learn the product and engage with the brand at the same time? We’ve done all that a hundred times.

What types of problems do we solve?

Shift_ the table on a $100M+ RFI

A $200M+ Indian telecom services supplier needs a shoe in on a $100M+ deal with a large US Telco but can’t get the customer to issue RFI initially – despite many ‘sales attempts’. The RFI has only gone to Tier 1 OEMs. TWB puts together an aggressive plan. Deep content assets are developed on technology and ‘made available’ to the customer + analysts in the month preceding the RFP.

With only months to spare TWB_ puts together an aggressive plan. TWB_ develops a whole set or whitepapers, research papers, market reports and interactive assets on technology relevant to the RFI. Then publishes these online, while the customer sales make it available to the US Telco. These are also put on mail campaign for a targeted list of analysts to find analysts mentions.  TWB_ runs the ‘digital media’ channels for the customer. The customer brand is ‘made visible’ with aggressive digital and focused presence specifically in the cities where the US customer is located. Every time the US Telco’s decision makers go online they see our customer branding with brilliant content to back it up. The customer gets RFI. Solved. With Strategy + Branding + Digital.

What Next?