With over 100,000 hrs of development in deep technology domains, TWB_ is the undisputed leader in creating product documentation for customers worldwide. That is how TWB_ started in 2006. TWB_’s first customer was a then $40Billion American behemoth migrating it’s JD Edwards ERP. The entire product documentation & process documentation was delivered by TWB_ and the project executed over 3 locations in India and 1 in the US. On time.


Shift_ Product Documentation

Product documentation is the medium that best describes a product to its users. Inarguably, end users gauge the quality of a product through its standardized and well-presented documentation. Online Help/Context Sensitive Help, Administrator Guide, API Documentation, Configuration Guides, Functional Specifications Document, Installation Manuals, Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETMs), Maintenance Manual, Product Specification Document, Product Overview Document. However, products deployed in an enterprise require not only world Product Documentation but Support Documentation as well.

Shift_ Support Knowledge Base

Failure to successfully provide constant support to deployments can prove very costly for companies, with the risk of losing customers. On the other hand, great documentation can crash the time and cost of support. TWB_ customers with integrated Product + Support + Knowledge bases have seen a reduction of 20-50% in support costs. TWB_ develops Installation and Configuration Guides, Operation Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Quick Reference Guide, Use Cases & Troubleshooting Guides and constantly maintain them with use cases from the field and update Knowledge bases.

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